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Live Your BEST LIFE 


Let's face it, life can feel crazy! These days, we often feel too busy and distracted most of the time, that we forget the importance of properly fueling our bodies (and often our minds). This leaves us feeling under-nourished, out of balance and completely drained. 

"I always get such a mental, spiritual and emotional boost from our sessions. You've taught me to celebrate each of my successes, which are really quite substantial as I reflect on where I was when I started with you. Thank you once again!!"

-Client M.B.


I coach individuals who are overwhelmed, exhausted and feeling like they have no time left for themselves while juggling family, work and home-life; to learn how to feed their body, mind and souls  with nourishing food, self-care, and spiritually grounding techniques so they can be healthier, happier, more resilient and EMPOWERED in their lives. 

Imagine what your life would be like if you had clear thinking, energy and excitement every day. If you finally felt like YOU again.

"I really cannot thank you enough. I have not been this happy or felt this good in so long." -Client R.B

"As I started working with Cheryl my awareness about my everyday choices became so much clearer.  I realized that despite all the excuses I could come up with for putting off going to the gym or ordering take-out (again!), I still had a lot of control, and there were a lot of things I COULD do within my busy schedule.  I was excited to learn about new foods and how little actions can lead to big results."  -Client J.C.

"Since starting this program I have had the courage and opportunity to make some important decisions about relationships and my lifestyle.  I have learned to pay more attention to myself so I can be energized and refreshed for my family, friends and people that depend on me."

-Client J.C.

"I am so happy and comfortable with my body, what to eat now and how I am feeling that I have a social life again. I can actually go out to dinner with family/friends and not have to leave early because I was not feeling well due to unknowingly eating foods that weren't agreeing with me. I love it!"  -Client S.M.

"I am so excited about everything I am learning from you.  It is truly inspiring me to be a better me. Thank you once again!" - client E.P.