Spring Renewal

Spring is in the air! Well, maybe on again and off again for those of us on the east coast! Spring is a time of renewal. It is very obvious to us in nature - flowers begin to bloom again, the grass turns green after a long hard winter, birds are chirping and often building nests all around us.

Did you ever stop to think about the renewal that takes place with in us?

Most of us are familiar with the term "spring cleaning," but only associate it with going through all the junk that we've accumulated in our homes during the previous year. How great would it be if we could put in that same effort not only into our homes, but our bodies as well?

Removing clutter is a great way to cleanse your soul and is easy to incorporate in the three main parts of our lives - our homes, minds and bodies.

Cleanse your home - Having clutter in our homes can slow down the function of any home, and make us anxious and self-conscious.

  • Tackle one section of your home at a time. Don't worry about clearing everything all at once, which can be intimidating and lead to failure to act on.

  • Eliminate junk! Take a look at possible "junk" items. If they hold some significant value or invoke positive memories, keep it...if not, get rid of it. (This could mean donating, giving to someone who may have use for it, selling it, or just dumping it!)

Cleanse your mind - we've all suffered from sleepless nights due to overly cluttered minds. Clearing your mind of negative thoughts, fears and beliefs will improve your health and the quality of your life.

  • Journal regularly. Journaling is a great way to express emotions that you otherwise may not acknowledge. This is just for you so you can feel free to express any feelings that are plaguing you or to record an event that you never want to forget.

  • Practice gratitude. Most of us have become in the habit of complaining about what we don't have and forget to acknowledge all the amazing things we do have. I love to keep a gratitude inventory to keep myself in check of how blessed I really am. You can include anything on this list - no matter how small. As your list builds your entire outlook on life will change.

Cleanse your body - we live in a toxic world. There is no possible way to avoid all of the contaminants that we are exposed to on a daily basis so it is important to flush those toxins from your body as regularly as possible in order to reduce your risk of illness and disease.

  • Exercise. Those who already have a regular exercise routine can attest to the benefits they feel. Those who don't can start small - even just 15 minutes a day of stretching or yoga can do wonders. As you become more comfortable build up your routine to at least 30 minutes every day.

  • Detox your body. Many health practitioners believe in cleansing your body with every season. There are many different types of cleanses and it is important to find what works best for you.

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