Stepping Into The Light

I have to confess that I have always been afraid. I am convinced I came into this world filled with anxiety, but I've learned ways to get around it and to grow through it. However, last year was the most difficult year I've ever faced. I've been working hard, EVERY SINGLE DAY, to get my body and mind back on track. I spent so long trying to hide it from the people around me so they wouldn't judge me, think I'm crazy or that I was just being dramatic. I realized that hiding is part of the problem. How can we expect to grown through anything if we are still hiding in the shadows. It's very difficult for any living thing to thrive in the dark. We all face difficult moments and are terrified to let people see our truth. I decided to OWN my truth. I wrote this as part of my healing journey, and in the hopes that it connects with you and helps you to heal as well. I was truly honored when I submitted it to one of my favorite websites on a whim, and they immediately accepted it. Please take a moment to read my story. Please feel free to share it with your friends and loved ones. Please also feel free to share your story with me. With lots of love and gratitude for your support, Cheryl

Stepping Into The Light

One year ago, I found myself in a bad place. All of the physical and emotional baggage I had been dragging around for years had finally caught up with me.

I was sick, exhausted and terrified. I had battled demons before, having worked through years of physical and sexual abuse. I had health scares and developed autoimmune diseases.

Through it all, I was always determined that these unfortunate experiences were not allowed to mold my future. As a child, I didn't get to choose, but I sure as hell wasn't going to be a victim as an adult.

With hard work, lots of support and a loving partner, I created a loving, safe space for our daughter to grow up. With determination, I worked hard to become a health coach so that others would not have to suffer through their own health deteriorating.

Now, here I was years later, with an intense auto-immune flare-up, a new health diagnosis, a body and mind that felt like they were betraying me with every step I took and it all became too much to bare. Not only did the world become a terrifying place, my body was no longer a safe space. I was scared to leave the house, scared to be alone, scared to feel this sick. I was scared to be awake and scared to go to sleep.


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