Sugar Shock!

I recently participated in a local fair to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Being that I am a health coach, I decided I needed a few colorful and informative posters to catch the eyes of the people walking by, in order to bring a little awareness to what is really hidden in the products we often eat, drink and use in our daily lives.

The feedback I got from my Sugar Shock display was pretty incredible. Everyone that stopped by the booth, from young children to senior citizens, was shocked by what they saw. They couldn’t believe the products they had been eating their whole lives could be that loaded with sugar, without them even realizing it. I had many parents say to me, “I send my children to school with many of these, thinking I am doing right by them.”

The purpose of this display was certainly not to make anyone feel guilty or in the wrong for eating or serving them. The reaction I received was exactly the reason why I created it. Most of us are completely unaware of what is hidden in the foods we eat. Between the colorful designs, the clever advertisements and the marketing genius of using phrases like “No High Fructose Corn Syrup,” “All Natural,” “Good Source of Fiber,” etc., we are led to believe that these products are either healthy or beneficial, when in reality, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

For the purpose of simplifying this post to focus only on sugar contents (cause believe me, there are lots more hidden gems to be covered in a future post, including chemicals, artificial dyes and sweeteners, etc!), I put together a graphic highlighting some of my most jaw dropping discoveries I came across. If you are like me, having a visual puts the whole thing in perspective, so brace yourself and take a look:

Are you shocked? I get it. I used to trust what it said on the front of the boxes too. While reading ingredients may feel foreign at first, it really is a huge step towards making more conscious, nutritious food choices that will greatly impact your health. Once you start reading the ingredients and seeing what is really hidden in your food, you will find it quickly becomes a habit. Before purchasing anything, to take a quick look at the ingredients. Oh, and by the way, unless you are buying SUGAR, try not to purchase anything with sugar listed as the first two ingredients. ;)

I'd love to hear what some of your most shocking discoveries were when looking at ingredients. Feel free to email me or comment on my facebook page :

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